Introduction: Temperature Alarm and Time on a LCD Screen With a DS3231, Buzzer And LED

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In this article we will measure the temperature and the RTC clock time with the DS3231 module.

We will implement a buzzer and led for the temperature alarm.

After that, we will display these values on a A000096 1.17 inch TFT/LCD screen!

Read the tutorial below or the youtube video! :)

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Step 1: Project Materials

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

Arduino pin 2 - Buzzer and Led +

Arduino pin 4 - SD LCD screen

Arduino pin 8 - Reset LCD screen

Arduino pin 9 - D/C LCD screen

Arduino pin 10 - CS LCD screen

Arduino pin 11 - MOSI LCD screen

Arduino pin 12 - MISO LCD screen

Arduino pin 13 - SCK LCD screen

Arduino 5V - 5V LCD screen, VVC DS3231, BL LCD screen

Arduino GND - GND LCD screen, GND DS3231, - LED, - Buzzer

Arduino A4 - SDA DS3231

Arduino A5 - SCL DS3231

Step 3: Arduino Code

Download the DS3231 library and import it in your arduino software.

Click here for the DS3231 library link

Download the Arduino Sketch from below & upload it to your Arduino.

Step 4: Result

The temperature value & time value is are displayed on the LCD screen.

In the Arduino code you can adjust the parameters for the min and max limit for the temperature alarm.

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