Temperature Cube With LittleBits

Introduction: Temperature Cube With LittleBits

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This cube glows red when it is hot. It is a visual way of representing temperature.

What you need:

Littlebits: temperature sensors, rgb leds, power, battery and cable, wires, split cables

A translucent box: I laser cut mine out of transparent acrylic and sanded it with sandpaper.

Step 1: Make the Box

I used http://makeabox.io/ to generate nets for the box. I laser cut this out of clear acrylic. To diffuse the light I sanded the faces of the box. I glued all but one sides of the box with acrylic glue (leaving one as the lid).

Step 2: Arrange Littlebits

The box has 6 temperature sensors and leds, one on the inside of each side. I attached the power to split bits to split the current. Each wire is attached to a temperature sensor and then a red led. I stuck each one to each side with blu tac. There is a fahrenheit setting and a celcius setting on the temperature sensors. They output 0 to maximum power from 0-100 degrees. If the celcius setting is selected, the lights will only get bright when it is very hot. If the fahrenheit setting is selected, the leds will be bright at room temperature.

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