Introduction: Temperature Measurement Using Arduino

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In this project i will show you how to measure temprature by using arduino and display on OLED display module

part need

arduino UNO

oled display

10k ohm resistor

103 NTC Thermister

jumper cable

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

connect oled display and component to arduino as per diageram
Vcc => 5v


SCL => A5

SDA => A4

the circuit is as look as voltage divider rule hear we know the supply voltage,out voltage,one of the resistor so we can find unknown resistor

thermistor is stands from thermal resistor so resistanc is change as per temperature change

Step 2: Upload Arduino Code

To control the OLED display you need the adafruit_SSD1306.h and the adafruit_GFX.h libraries.

Step 3: DONE

Step 4: Check on Youtube