Introduction: Temperature and Humidity Lighting Machine

It is a machine that can tell you the temperature and the humidity. This machine helps you determine should you open the AC. When the temperature on the LCD goes to 30 or above 30, the LED on the Leonardo breadboard will light out for telling you.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

1. 1 solderless breadboard

2. 9 wires( 2 Male to Male) (7 Male to female)

3. 1 LCD dashboard

4. 1 Leonardo circuit board

5. 1 Temperature and humidity sensor

6.1 cardboard

7.1. super glue

Step 2: Circuit

Just like the image, follow the instruction and assemble the wires.

Step 3: Write Down the Code and Input to the Arduino Leonardo

The link of the code:

Add input to the Arduino Leonardo

Step 4: Make the Case

You need to cut the cardboard into:

1.8cm×5cm 2 pieces

2.8cm×3cm 1 piece

3. 4cm×3cm 1 pieces

4. 3cm×3cm 1 piece

5.6cm×3cm 1 piece

And use super glue to glue them.

Step 5: Merge Your Case and the Arduino Equipment

Merge the case and the Arduino. And test if it works( if the LED light bulb light when the temperature is above 30)