Temperature and Humidity Sensor With Lcd and Sound Detection




Introduction: Temperature and Humidity Sensor With Lcd and Sound Detection

Hello guys!!! Okay this project was my final year project. The purpose of this project was to monitor room temperature and humidity at workshop of my University because some electronic component malfunction due to the unfavourable temperature and humidity. How does this project work, okay let me tell you guys for every time temperature and humidity change, the buzzer will make sound to notice or alert the user. LED red for 30 degree celcius above, LED green for 30 degree below and LED blue for 20 degree below.

Just follow the step that being show below and hope you guys enjoy built it.

Step 1: List of Component

Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano shield

DHT 22 sensor

LCD 16X2

Piezo Buzzer


LED Green

LED Blue


Power supply 9V


USB Arduino Nano

Step 2: Pin Connection

The steps are show from the figure above.

Step 3: Coding

Okay there are sum additional libbary you guys need to download as show. Unzip the file then copy the folder after that place it at document find arduino file insert at libarries.

Step 4: Base Project and Interface Design

The base project depend own you

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    Sourya Choudhury
    Sourya Choudhury

    4 years ago

    This is a truly awesome project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool project. You should enter this into the Microcontroller contest.