Introduction: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

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Hi Guys

In this instructable let us learn how to get temperature and humidity of atmosphere using DHT11-Temperature and Humidity sensor using Node MCU and BLYNK app.

Step 1: Components Requires

Hardware :

  1. Node MCU Micro Controller
  2. DHT11 sensor(Temperature and humidity)
  3. Female to Female jumper wires (3 nos)


  1. Arduino IDE
  2. BLYNK Android App

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Connect the GPIO15 pin (D8) to the " S " pin(signal pin) of DHT11

connect VCC to Middle pin of DHT11

connect GND to " - " pin of DHT1

Step 3: The Code

Upload the Following Code (DTH11blynk.ino) that I have attached to your Node MCU.

Before that , if you don't have NODE MCU and Blynk Libraries .

Follow these steps to Add them first.

Step 1:click the links separately


DHT sensor Library for DHT sensors

SimpleTime Library for SimpleTime.h

zip files will be downloaded. (For the Node mcu click on Clone or download button and download zip file)

Step 2: open Sketch ->Libraries ->Add zip library -> a new window will popup

Step 3:search for the downloaded libraries and click open.The library will be added.

Step 4: Blynk App

  1. Login with Gmail
  2. Click create new project Type a project name and Select node MCU board
  3. Author token will be sent to your Gmail.
  4. Click on the + icon in the new window and Select "Gauge"
    1. Click on the Gauge ,
    2. Set pin as V0 (Virtual pin) and Title as TEMPERATURE.
    3. Set Reading rate to 1 SEC
  5. Again add another Gauge
    1. Set pin as V1 (Virtual pin) and Title as HUMIDITY.
    2. Set Reading rate to 1 SEC
  6. Click on the back button and your Blynk App will be ready.
  7. Switch ON your Mobile Hot spot.
  8. Keep the Data (Internet) ON in your mobile.
  9. Click on the Play button on the Project widowNow,
  10. Click on the Board icon on the top.
  11. Your Node MCU will be connected to your Phone.

Step 5: It Works !!!

Turn ON mobile Hotspot of your phone.

wait for 1 minute for the Node mcu to connect to your Phone

open blynk app and you can see the live streaming of Temperature and Humidity values in your phone.