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Introduction: Template Frame for Spraycan

With this instructable you can make a frame you can mount to your spraycan. On this frame you can place any template you like.
The advantage of this frame is you can quickly change from one template to another. You don't have to hold the template yourself; so your hands don't get messy. It's easy to quickly spread you template wherever you want!

This frame can be built for under 15 euro's!

To get started you need the following materials:
- Wood: I used a plate of triplex, like 5mm thick. Make sure it's steady enough and can't bend easily!)
- Spraycan: I bought a very cheap spraycan at the 'Action' for 1,99 euro's!
- Screw thread/long bolt: I bought a piece that was like 60cm long. At the end I use only 30cm of it. I used a thickness of 5mm
- Electrical saw
- Moeren: use 5mm moeren that fit the screwthread
- Revet: use 5mm revetten that fit the screwthread
- Freesmachine: you get started without this tool. But if you can get hold of it it will come in handy.
- Rain pipe braces: you need to buy two regenpijpbeugels that fit you spraycan. I bought mine a bit to small. They still fit, I just needed to get hold of a longer screw.

Step 1: Step 1.

It's important to do some good preparation before you begin sawing. Do some precise drawing when you set out the lines on the wood!
- It's important that the circle that you are gonna make perfectly fits you spraycan.
- It's important that the iron wire is gonna fit the cut you are going to make.
- It's important that the two frames you are gonna make are equally big!

Step 2: Step 2.

In this step you should be ready to start sawing. We get started with the two squared frames. First saw it clean. Than take your drill machine and make four holes in every corner of the box. You have to saw from hole to hole. You make the holes so you can fit your electrical drill machine into the wood and start sawing from one hole to another. When you reach the next hole it will be easier to turn you drill machine. So: cut it clean and take out the inner part of the box.

Repeat this step twice!! You need two pieces of this frame!

Step 3: Step 3.

At the step we get started on the second piece of wood. First saw it clean. Than use the electrical saw to make a nice, straight cut. Carefully choose the thickness of the drill. It can't be to thick and it can't be to thin! The iron wire has to fit it tightly.
Than get started on the circle. For this you also use the electrical saw. Make sure it's a good circle that, also, fits tightly around the spraycan.

Step 4: Step 4.

Take the spraycan and the regenpijpbeugels. Make sure you buy the rain pipe brace in the right size. The have to fit the spraycan!! I bough mine a little bit too small. I fixed this problem by using another, longer screw to attach both sides.
Make sure you only put one rain pipe braces around the spraycan before you put the wood around the spraycan!

Step 5: Step 5.

Take the iron wire and attach the plate/hook on it. Use a screw at the top and at the bottom to make sure it stays in place.

Step 6: Step 6.

Take some leftovers from the wood. Saw a little piece of it that exactly fits between one side of the twoo wooden frames (that are open on the inside). Put this small piece between the two frames and attach it with some woodglue! Make sure it stays in place!!
If you execute this step properly you now got a small slice between the two frames in which you can slide you template!

Step 7: Step 7.

Attach the iron wire with the hook on it to the frame you prepared in step 6. Also, make sure it's attached properly cause you don't want the frame to rotate. Just use a screw with some bolts.

Step 8: Step 8.

Take the spraycan, the wooden plate with the hole and slice in it and the iron wire with the hook.
Slide the hole in the woodenplate around the spraycan till it rests on the rain pipe brace. Take the second regenpijpbeugel and tighten the wooden plate between these two. Make sure you do it in a way that the wooden plate stays in place and can't rotate anymore.
Than take the iron wire with the hook on it and stick it through the slice/cut in the wood. Use a screw at the top and bottom to secore the iron wire.

Step 9: Step 9.

Result. Now it's possible to hold the frame entirely. It's finisched. Again, make sure everything is mounted tightly.

Step 10: Step 10.

Cardboard. It makes it a lot easier to buy some cardboard with a smooth coating. Then the paint just drips off and the cardboard doesn't get wet and tears or something.
Cut a piece out of the cardboard that fits the wooden frame.

Step 11: Step 11.

Ready to go. Just some easy template. But it works.

Step 12: Step 12.

Step 13: Step 13.

The advantage of this frame is that you can totally adjust it. You can put the frame that holds the template up and down and back- and forward. If you loosen the screws (of the iron wire and also on the rainpipe braces) you can also turn it around.

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