Introduction: Template to Miter Tube

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To help making tube to form straight T or according to the desired angle of T, I have done another online tool to generate paper template. Previously I made this instructable to make angle tube cut.

In the middle of the page, url here under, you will have to enter :

  • diameter of main tube in millimeter
  • diameter of the inserted tube
  • angle in degree of insertion

Then click to generate a pdf file.

Before printing the pdf be sure that the document will not be scaled by your computer, you would loose the correct dimensions.

Step 1: Cut Template and Apply

The pattern cut after printing is placed around the tube with a tape.

Step 2: Marking

I mark in black the trace on the tube "receiver" by plating the inserted tube.

And let's go for the cutting, I made a test with a metal tube of 42mm and another of 20mm. My handling of the grinder did not make it possible to make something super clean, hence my illustration with cardboard rolls.

Step 3: Cut

As said above we can make T from tubes of different or equal diameters. For small tubes cutting is difficult but the next time I need a T with PVC pipes I think it will help me out.

Hoping this will be helpfull.


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