Temporary Bio Art Installation



Introduction: Temporary Bio Art Installation

So , I was doing some yard work a few days ago and had a "Close Encounter's" moment...Kinda like when Dryfus 's character saw Devil's Tower in the mashed potatoes... I was piling up cuttings from palm trees and a few other trees and I saw something I recognized from a Dale Chihuly art show. Now , Chihuly is an artist that works mainly in glass sculpture. His pieces are very organic looking. I picked up a husk of a palm efflorescence and immediately saw Chihuly's inspiration for some of his glass work..See his picture..

Step 1: Pile Up Cuttings and Palm Husk's

Anyway..As you can see the husk's are nearly identical to his glass pieces . I only had six husk's so my bio-art installation is a bit smaller than Chihuly's.. That night after making the installation, I put glow-sticks in the spikes to give the installation a bit of depth. I found it breath-taking. Anyway , it's temporary due to the fact that bulk-pickup is next week...

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