Temporary Desk for Smart Working

Introduction: Temporary Desk for Smart Working

My family and I are in smart working or we take online lessons. Guess? There are not enough desks for everyone and we cannot share them because each of us speaks with other people online and the background noise would be unbearable.

After 4 days of work on the bed, with my back to pieces, I decided to create a temporary desk with a thousand mini tables that we have at home and that we don't use.

The nice thing is that when smart working finally ends, the desk can become the two tables that nobody uses :)


2 Small tables

4 Metal brackets

4 Screws with double head


Multi socket (if you want)

Step 1: Create Two Halves of the Desk

Let's start with your tables that you can buy cheaply or that you will already have 99% at home. You can use the colors you want or even the same.

Take the first table, remove two legs from the same side.
Attach the removed legs under those connected to the table, using a double-headed screw (you can insert other support you have at home) and glue.

Do the same procedure with the other table. Thus obtaining 2 halves of a table.

Step 2: Join the Two Halves

At this point just fix the two halves with brackets and wood screws and you have obtained your personal desk to face the smart working.

Step 3: Add a Power Strip (optional)

For convenience you can add a power strip to be fixed under the table to avoid the annoying threads between the legs.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    This is genius !!! What a smart way to re-purpose what you already had at home :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you!! this is the only way with CoronaVirus!! :)