Introduction: "Temporary" and Quick Picture Stand

This is a quick and easy way to support a picture, document, etc. for display. This one is "temporary" cause its going to be used above our cabinets and will never be seen so it'll be permanently temporary... or at least until the cardboard gives up.

This would be ideal for temporary displays for garage sales, bake sales, science fair displays, potluck recipe displays, etc, etc, etc. Anything that needs to be displayed, but that doesn't need the fanfare of a purchased stand.

These can be painted and decorated but this instructable is just one for utility.

What you will need:
Cardboard box (size depends on your needs)
Cutting implements (scissors, box knife etc.)
Marker (or somthing to write with)
Tape (optional if your box has no taped seam)

Step 1: Choosing Your Box

Being an amazon user there is no shortage of boxes so I was able to choose from several. If this is not an option for you, you can always trim down a big box to the size you need.

I, for simplicity, I looked for a box that had a taped seam. If you don't have a taped box you can tape one for your project.

The tape will act as the hinge so it should pretty robust.

Step 2: Cut Off the Flaps and Seam and Square It

This one is pretty straight forward. Use your knife or scissors and cut off the Flaps. They should be attached to one another by the tape seam. My seams were not square to each other when they were folded (like a book) so I trimmed the excess cardboard to make it square with the other flap.

Step 3: Draw and Cut

Next fold the Flaps together like a book. Draw a line from the side with a seam down towards the other edge. Around 4/5 of the way down draw a line perpendicular to the line you just drew until you reach the other edge. this doesn't have to be precise, just round about make a similar shape.

Once the line is drawn, cut the cardboard along the drawn line. If you can't cut both at the same time, cut out the one you drew and then once it's out you can trace the cut out on the other side.

If done right it should be mirrored along the tape seam. See images.

Step 4: Display

Place your display in the stand. The long edge of the seam should be at the back of the item you wish to display and the short arms of the display will extend pay the front of the item you wish to display.

Sweet and simple.