Introduction: Temporary Dandelion Tattoo

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I was picking dandelions when my father told me they could stain on your skin. So, I tested a spot wand watched what happened. The next day the result was very clear. So, I prepared a little bit more and took pictures the second time. It worked pretty good!

Step 1: What Do You Need

To do this you will need the following
- dandelions (best is to go for a walk and do it as you are there, then you don't risk the dandelion getting too dry)
- sticky paper (optional, this is what I used to make stencils)

Step 2: Stencils


You can make stencils out of the sticky paper to create shapes. I made three hearts.

Step 3: Take a Walk

We're just going to take a walk. I think that in almost every walking area dandelions can be found. When you have found them, continue with step 4.

Step 4: There They Are!

Place the stencils on your skin. If you didn't make stencils, continue to the next sentence.
Pick a dandelion. You can see the white 'juice' coming out of the steel. Tap it onto the stencils to fill them up.

Step 5: Difference

Here I removed the upper heart to show the difference between one and two layers.

Step 6: Dry

Now you can see that the white has become clear. Time for the second layer! Pick a dandelion and tap it on the stencils again. When this layer has become clear, you can remove the stencils.

Step 7: Waiting

You can look at your tattoo by turing it to the light in a different angle.
Just go home now and wait. Easiest way is sleeping, when you wake up your tattoo will be there!

Step 8: Finally!

And, the next day, there it is! You can ejoy it, show it to other people, whatever. If you want to remove it, just rub over it. It doesn't come off immediately but with a few minutes you'll get it off.
NOTE: here you can notice the difference between one and two layers.

What have you made????
Please, sent me pictures of your results!
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