Introduction: Tempy -A Cute Temperature Controlled Smiley

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+First Of All , This Instructables had been written By an 17 years old guy...... Not A English Professor , So Please Inform any grammatical Mistake Before Making Fun Of me. :p
+Any Of The improvements will be appreciated, either in this instructable or in the Project


Say Hello to Your new Friend tempy......
A cute little LED based Smiley with an ATTiny 45 As Heart Devoloped under Arduino IDE (within Core files)..... which changes it's Expression With changing temperature.....
he'll be happy...... when its a comfortable (For humans i.e. 20- 25.4 *C) temperature outside...... will "meh (i.e. " : / " ) " when slightly hot (i.e. 25.5- 28)...... Will Shiver When cold(i.e. <20*C) And will Sweat and will be sad When too Hot (I.e. - >30).

Let's Begin..... What we need to do..... and to the bill of materials.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

1. 7 LED's In total , 2 for Eyes (choosen blue), And 4 for smile (choosen green) and 1 for sweat drop (choosen white) 0.4$

2. 2 sheets of photopaper (For light filters).0.1 $

3. wires

4. ATTINY 45 2$


6 A charging Connector 0.3$

7 . A Circular Plastic Body. Recycled or 3D Printed(Stl will be shortly uploaded to thingiverse)

8 . A transparent circular plastic plate (i've used from a sewing needle packaging..).

9. 10K Thermistor 0.12$

10. ls7805 , 5V Voltage Regulator 0.2$

11. 1 a4 Size printer sheet.

Step 2: Light Filter for Tempy

cut 4 circular discs from photopaper as that of the size of the transpernt shield cover.....

make holes for the eyes , smile , and the sweat drop as given in the pictures.....

it should be like this.


* * *

\ / *

\ _______ /


so that the diffrence could be seen between smile and meh expression...........

glue all the 4 papers together .

and then cut a circle from printer sheet as of the size as that of the filters, and without making holes on them glue it on the thick filter, use a glue gun and then fix the bottom of the filter to the shield,...... that's all for the light filter.....

Step 3: Setting Up the Leds and the Circuit.

Assemble the circuit as In the pictures Or from the Github Repository (Which has a board and schematics files.and the arduino's Sketch)

Step 4: The Arduino SKetch and Board Files

Download From Github .

Step 5: Enjoy

Power Up the module Using A MiniUSB or any sort of 5V Power source . and you're done

Step 6: Updates

Updates will Appear here. soon. report Bugs in comments.

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