Introduction: Ten Minute Magnetic Wristband

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by! One of the problems that I have always when working in the shop is loosing screws when I am assembling or disassembling something. I had some extra magnets laying around the apartment and some scrap t-shirt material so I decided to break out of my workshop comfort zone and take a swing at some sewing by making a magnetic wristband to hang on to my parts until I am ready for them.

Step 1: Supplies

So this is a fairly basic project, all you will need is a sewing machine, a scrap of fabric (1"x 15"), and some magnets. You will want some strong magnets that will still be able to work through the fabric, neodymium ones work great. Without further a duo, lets get started.

Step 2: Make a Bank

The first step is to fold the band in half to form a double thick band. Sew across the width of the band to secure the band together. All the sewing for this project is double stitched for durability.

Step 3: Make the Pocket

To make the pocket, rotate the band 90 degrees and double stitch the full length of one side. You will want to leave about an inch open with the second set of stitches so you can flip the sleeve that was just made.

Step 4: Invert the Sleeve and Add Magnets

In this step you will be flipping the sleeve inside out through the small hole that was left out of the stitching. You may need to us a pencil or something else to fully flip it inside out. Once its been inverted, you can drop your magnets into the sleeve.

Step 5: Close Up and Secure Magnets

Once both magnets are in, you ca sew up the opening. Now if you would like this project to look a little bit nicer, you should hand stitch this portion. I chose to go with the quick method and used the sewing machine. I made two lines of stitches across the width of the band so the magnets stay on either ends of the wristband and can't just get stuck together in the middle. When those are done, you are all finished and can just slap the wristband right on since the magnets both hold the wristband together and hold your screws.

Step 6: Finished and Bonus Stress Test

Thanks for reading, this project was a nice change of pace and allowed me to use a skill that I have not had the opportunity to use in quite some time. I apologize to any of you who sew more often, I'm sure my ulgy stitching must upset some of you but thanks for sticking with me anyway! I