Introduction: Ten Minute Trellis

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This is a tutorial for a small trellis for climbing seedlings. Very inexpensive materials were used. You can use a variety of materials to accomplish this. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather supplies. You can use a variety of materials to lash the trellis together. I tried three different methods: clear tape, ribbon & glue, and electrical tape. The first one I did was clear tape, but the concept is the same, regardless of materials.

*Tape /  ribbon & glue
*wooden skewers

Step 2: Assemble Trellis

 Put the skewers together so they make a small X at the tips. I put the pointy ends down so they go through the soil easier. 

Step 3: Lash the Trellis Together

 Here's the idea of lashing them together. Basically an "over, under and around" idea.

Step 4: Adding Steps

 This one was made with only three skewers: two for the sides and one that was cut into thirds for the steps. 

Step 5: The Ribbon Version

 For the ribbon version, steps 1 & 2 are the same, but instead of having wooden steps, they are ribbon. You start the ribbon wrapping at the bottom of one of the sides, glueing & wrapping as you go. 

Step 6: Three Different Versions

 Here are three different versions in action. 

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