Introduction: Ten Minutes Arduino Temperature TMP01FPZ

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Now you have an Arduino board , what can you do with it ?

Very simple temperature sensor project.

I got an analog temperature sensor from Texas Instruments TMP01FPZ. Tow days ago I bought an Arduino UNOcompatible board. You can get it from eBay or Aliexpress

I wanted to make a simple circuit to use both.

Here it is.

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Step 1: Components

Arduino UNO and its cable from Banggood or eBay or Aliexpress

TMP01FPZ Temperature Sensor from Banggood or eBay or Aliexpress , eBay

Bread Board from eBay or Aliexpress

Some small wires or Alligator clips. from Aliexpress

Step 2: Circuit

The circuit is very simple.

Just connect the Vcc and GND pins of the Temprature Sensor TMP01FPZ to the +5 v and GND pins of the Arduino UNO board to get it powered by 5 volts.

Then connect the analog out pin of the sensor to pin A0 of the Arduino UNO.

Step 3: Software

Configure the Analog input pin A0 .

Read the analog input value to the variable sensorValue

Convert the analog input raw count into useful temperature degrees in Celsius according to the datasheet of the sensor.

The chart represents the sensor response ( output voltage ) to temperature as described in the datasheet.

Send the output degrees to the serial output on the USB port.

Read the output on the serial monitor.

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