Introduction: TenTen Staff (Naruto Shippudden)

Here I will show you how to make tenten's staff. this instructable can also be followed to make a basic staff as well

Step 1: Materials

1 Black/Red duck-tape roll
6ft 1/2 inch PVC pipe
2   1/2 inch PVC pipe capes
1 pipe cover. (the squishy kind that you get from lows or home depo that cost $6.45

all in all about $15 in material

Step 2:

beggin my putting the pipe cover over the 6ft 1/2 inch PVC.

Step 3:

When that is done, cut to pieces of duck-tape and attach it to one end of the pipe and pull over to the other end of the pipe. Do this 2 time in a plus formation. This will seal and give each tip of the staff a smooth tip, and will also seal in the PC pipe

Step 4:

Next its time to add your color to cover the entire staff with. Choose a color and then start from 1 end and slowly keep feeding tape to the staff until you reach the other end. This will take 5 rounds to fully cover the staff.

Step 5:

Next get your red tape or any color you prefer, and cut 3 inches long and 1 inch wide strip. Do this 3X's

Step 6:

This is how it should look when done. Now just repeat for other end and your finished