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Introduction: Tensegrity Structure

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This tensegrity structure appears to almost "float" in the air.

To create this, 3d print two pieces and tie them together with fishing line, thread or string.


Fishing line


(2) 3d printed structures

Step 1:

The structure prints without supports--print two of them.

Step 2:

Tie the centers together with a loop that is about two inches long. I used string in this example so that the connections would be easier to see in the photographs. Use of fishing line makes the structure appear to float from a distance of about five feet.

Step 3:

Tie a long piece (about 12 inches) of string to each corner of the upper structure piece.

Step 4:

The pieces are ready to assemble.

Step 5:

One at a time, pull the string through the corresponding hole in the lower structure. Tape the string on the bottom of the structure.

Step 6:

When all three corners are taped and everything looks good, snip the surplus string off.

Step 7:

The structure should appear to float and it can support some load.

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