Introduction: Powerful Pocket Crossbow! (No Rubber Bands or Cloths Pins!)

I have constructed some Popsicle stick pocket crossbows out of some things lying around at home. I am contemplating a step-by-step instructable for everyone, however I'm worried some kid will make one and decide it was a good idea to shoot his sibling in the eye at home. These are extremely powerful for their size. (even a blunt ended bolt [basically the flat end of a nail] ripped the skin off of my leg and made me bleed.) with that being said, I am in no way responsible for what you do if you decide to try and re-create what I have here.

I used popsicle sticks and pieces of paper clips as the triggering mechanism, around a 4 inch piece of steel rake for the bow, and jewelers wire/crimps for the draw string. 

This is my first Instructable, if enough of you like it, I'll post how I made it in the coming weeks or so.

Thanks for viewing. :).

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