Introduction: Tent Pole Bag From Old Jeans

Recently I was asked to make a new bag for tent poles. The old tent pole back was ripped and had a hole in the bottom. Overall it was not going to keep the tent poles from falling out. So I dug through my scrap bin to find anything that could make a more suitable bag and found a great pair of old jeans what would make a perfect tent pole bag.

Step 1: Cut the Jean Leg

I started by laying one of the jean legs out on the table and placing the tent poles on top to measure how long the bag had to be.

I then cut the jean leg, giving about 4" of space on either side for sewing.

In the end I flipped the pant leg inside out for sewing.

Step 2: Sew

I started by folding over and sewing the cut end of the jeans to create a sewn loop around the edge of the fabric.

Once it is completely stitched together I cut a small cut in the loop so I would be able to pull a drawstring through.

Finally I sewed the bottom of the jeans together and flipped the jean leg right side out again.

Step 3: Add Drawstring

My next step was to add the drawstring. I re-purposed the drawstring from the old bag and slowly drew it through the loop that I had sewn before.

After the cord was pulled all the way through I knotted the end.

Step 4: Add Tent Poles!

All that is left is to add tent poles and pack it away for the next camping trip.

The denim created a great bag for the tent poles because it will be able to take a lot of wear and tear and plenty of camping.