Introduction: Tenth Doctor Coat

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Starting from a commercially available pattern, Burda 8275. I made a 10th Doctor coat. Still needed are shoulder pads and buttons. The coat is a brown suede like upholstery material from a local fabric retailer and the lining which looks purple is actually a royal blue coat lining also from a local fabric retailer( not the same as the outer material).

The pattern instructions are bang on but rather difficult to follow. Some modifications done were to add extra length to the bottom and no sleeve adjuster cuffs. I added 14 inches to the length to get the bottom of the coat to just above my ankle. The sleeves will need to be taken in a little for the tailored look but all in all the coat seems to match the 10th Doctor look.

The total cutting and sewing time was about 10 hours to this point. I fear that I may have to make the buttons needed for the final coat.

I am not really leaning... The camera was at a little of an angle... The lamp is not really that big...

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