Introduction: Terabyte

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Terabyte is an all in one home security robot. It works according to the voice commands given. It works using arduino. There are many sensors in this robot like lpg sensor, flame sensor, temperature sensor(lm35), pressure sensor, humidity sensor, motion sensor etc... In this robot there are many different modes in this robot. A mode is simple Android application which commands the robot. Each modes in this robot is ment to do specific tasks. Default modes are standby mode and the surveillance mode.

Working and uses:

  • When we go outside the house we can say 'I am going outside' , the robot will automatically switches to Surveillance mode. During surveillance mode it will start patrolling the house. It will get into each and every room, and check all the parameters using the sensors in it, and if it feels any abnormality it would suddenly give an alarm and sends messages to the user’s phone. The user can lively watch his house and he could drive this robot to anywhere in his house. And its peculiarity is, in surveillance mode no one can recognize its working except the user. Moreover it can be used as a spy controlling from anywhere in the world.(This mode is used when it is used as a home security robot).
  • There is one CCTV camera inside this which is streaming real time video from the robot to the users mobile.

  • We can use this as a spy in which a user could control it from any where in the world and see live video which is streaming from it.

  • It could be used as an alternative for guide dogs for blinds. Which could find any routes in any of the places in this world. As one guide dog cost around 2 lakh 50 thousand rupees. And also one guide dog can be trained with one small place only.

  • It could make some special ultrasonic sound to keep mosquitoes and other insects and animals. This sound cannot be heard by human beings.

  • It could be used to push wheel chair etc...

And we can make this compatible for most of the purposes like it could be used as a spy, an alternative for guide dogs for blinds, a personal life companion in the offices receptions etc It also responds to the questions asked by people. This robot reports the actual weather condition of the place to the owners mobile. It can be added with many more features. I have a real working model with me, which I uses in my home.

Step 1: Constituents