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Introduction: Terminator Gas Bottle Log Burner

About: Since the dawn of Lego I've been into making stuff... I'm currently a technology teacher at a secondary school tasked with inspiring the next generation of designers.

This is the most detailed log burner design I have fabricated to date. The design was requested by a client for Christmas. You can check out my other designs at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burned-by-Design/1526857080886471
My first step was to find an image to base my design on.

Step 1: Bottle It

Find yourself an empty gas bottle. This should be from a company that has gone out of business as gas bottles remain the property of the company for the entirety of their lives. Make sure it is empty, carefully remove the carry handle then use a hack saw to remove the tap on the top. I then fill with water to displace any left over gas. I used a wire brush attachment for my grinder to remove the paint then magic marker penned my design on to it.

Step 2: Get Hammered

I cut out the eye and mouth holes with my grinder and bashed in the temples of the skull using my sledge hammer...

Step 3: Bend and Shape

Using some brute force, some metal bars and my sledge hammer I shaped and bent the front of the skull into shape.

Step 4: Fill in the Brow

I used strips of steel to fill in the gaps on the skulls brow. The welder I use is a gas less mig.

Step 5: Facial Features

I used bits of steel to create facial details on the eye brow area, cheeks and nose area.

Step 6: An Eye for Detail

The eyes were fabricated from bits of nuts and bolts and hex bar welded together and welded to the inside of the bottle. Usually I do all my grinding and sanding at the end of the project but I decided to grind and sand as the project progressed.

Step 7: Jaws of Death

Using scraps of metal I fabricated the chin and jaw line.

Step 8: Pearly Whites

For the teeth I used a 4" piece of pipe which I cut down the length and opened up to create the basic teeth shape for the upper and lower section. Using my grinder I shaped each tooth individually.

Step 9: Detail

I used some scraps and off cuts to add detailing to the chimney. Although terminator doesn't really have ears, I wanted to add some detail to the sides of the head. I used to top of two gas bottles for this which worked out well.

Step 10: Rear Entry

Although it would have been nice to have the burner open from the front I was worried about ruining the work I had already done. The hatch was created in the rear to the bottle. I used a 75mm weld on hinge to attach the door.

Step 11: Grind Polish Paint Lacquer

I used a flap paddle sanding wheel on my grinder to smoother and shape the skull, I finished the burner with ultra high temp red detailing in the eyes and 2 coats of ultra high temp lacquer.

Check out my other designs here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burned-by-Design/1526857080886471

Design requests to alex_dodson7@hotmail.com

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