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Are you a terminator/sci-fi fan? Well, I am. An advanced robot(android) from a different time is sent back to our time to save someone ~that is the one-line summary of the terminator series. Now isn't that cool?

You may have that fantasy where the same thing happens to you!(who knows whats gonna happen, ryt?) Well, if it happens, please let me know...

But if it doesn't, you can certainly make one of these to satisfy a part of that fantasy. This guy has just survived a 23rd century nuclear bomb in the fourth World war( fought by robots). That's the official story behind this action-figure.

Mainly made from a resin-based Glue, the T-2000 is water/fire/almost anything resistant. Major components are a broken wi-fi dongle, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, a motor-shaft, iron wires and a LED.

CAUTION: Please be careful while working with this type of glue. Your hands will get very sticky and messy.

Step 1: Major Components Required

These are the major components required. You can alter your components if you want it to look a different.

1~Resin based glue

2~A broken wi-fi dongle

3~ A dc-motor shaft

4~ two transistors(the last picture)

5~ a few resistors, capacitors etc.

For the transistors, resistors, capacitors, you can get them from any computer circuits or other forms of circuits used in house-hold appliances.

The glue can be bought from any hardware store. Its used for joining pvc-pipes.

Step 2: Making the Organs

The whole point of using resistors, capacitors is to provide the organs to the T-2000. Its an android, which means it would have machine-made organs. So we have to build the organs using them.

Other than the small resistors used for connecting the capacitors to the large sized resistors, every other component used in this step is taken from an useless SMPS circuit.

You can use super glue to attach the two large sized resistors. After that, start attaching the small resistors to the large resistors with the help of extended wires. The whole thing goes like the branches of a tree.

Step 3: Making the SKELETON

I have used the circuit of a damaged dongle as the main circuit. Not only does it have a sophisticated look, but it also has the two holes at its end which I can use for attaching the legs.

Use iron wires to attach the transistors with the main circuit. Two transistors should be attached which will form the two legs.

The motor shaft is used to make the hand. I have used only one shaft to make only one hand. Its because the other hand got mutilated as a result of a bomb explosion!

Step 4: The Spinal Chord and Parts of the Brain

I have used a green LED to light up its little brain. The wire connecting the LED forms the spinal chord.

As of the eye that is left in its burnt face, I have used the lens from the reader head of a dvd-drive. I had an old dvd-drive and I opened it up for the laser diode inside. And I couldn't figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff. So, thats what I did.

You can also use the Laser diode from the DVD drive to make its eye. It would look more realistic. I used a green LED because its T-2000 and its more advanced. Also I didn't want to use my Laser diode because I have other ideas to work with it.

The whole thing made in step-2 is now attached to the circuit with superglue. The two-large sized resistors are now attached to the USB head of the dongle. The lens from the reader head is attached on the LED with superglue.

Step 5: Adding Some Muscles to It

Glue is used to make the muscles of its body. The point of using glue is that the android is standing on a single leg. If you use other materials to do this, it will be very difficult. The other materials you can use besides glue are resin, glass putty. But glass putty takes a long time for curing.

The glue I have used is available at any hardware store. This type of glue is used to join pvc-pipes.

Before starting this step, take the necessary precautions. The glue-mixture is very sticky. It'll be very difficult to bring it to the proper shape and it requires loads of patience.

Time to get your hands dirty!

First, take a portion of the mixture and bring it to a small cylindrical shape for making the forearm. Stick it to the motor shaft. Then take some more of the glue mixture to make its shoulders and the head.

It is necessary that you make these portions of the body first. It's more easier this way.

IMPORTANT TIP: Don't struggle with the glue to give it a proper shape when its wet and sticky. Start giving it the proper shape once it has started drying. When it starts drying, its just like modelling clay, but more sticky.

For the fingers, make five very small cylindrical shapes and stick it to the forearm.

Use your fingers to make the proper shape.

Please forgive me for not adding enough photos. Once I started using the mixture to make the body, it became a mess. My hands were all sticky and dirty.

Once done, leave it for 2 hours to dry completely.

Step 6: Making the Lower Part of the Body

Once its completely dry, its time to start making the legs. Make a cylindrical shape with the glue-mixture to make the leg. Just make a rough conical structure. Then attach it with the lower part of the USB dongle.

Use the rest of the glue-mixture to make an elliptical shape which will be used to make a flat support on which it will be standing.

Find a flat surface and place the elliptical shape on that surface. Then take the T-2000 and attach the lower portion of the leg with this support. You need to hold the T-2000 in one hand and use the other hand to give the legs a proper shape. After sometime, the glue will start drying. I have used wires and a water bottle to provide support to the entire structure to let it dry.

It'll take 2 hours to dry completely. Then it'll be able to stand on a single leg!

Step 7: A Bit More Detailing

This T-2000 has lost an arm and a leg. So there should be some veins and other stuffs hanging out, right?

So lets add some veins to it.

Sorry for the hazy picture. I had touched the lens with my sticky hands. Make sure you don't do that!

Take a bit of the glue, and insert some wires in it. Then attach that with mutilated arm and the leg. It'll look more realistic.

After complete drying, place it in a proper place and light that LED up!

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