Terrarium Backwall



Introduction: Terrarium Backwall

Scared by the high prices of terrarium backwalls i created my own...

We already had a terrarium with plants (for chameleon)

Step 1: Tools

except foam :) you are going to need

  1. Gas burner
  2. varnish
  3. Silicone filler
  4. tile glue
  5. different colors sand (optional)

Step 2: Fase 1 : Shaping the Wall

I first fitted a backwall and sidewall.

Also created rocks with the foam which can be shaped and dented with the gasburner.(use caution)

Step 3: Fase 2 : the Painting Part

First apply the tile glue to the foam. extra rocks can be glued to the wall itself.

mix the varnish with sand and apply it to the foam. i used 3 different colors

Step 4: Finishing the Terrarium Backwall

I used a wooden board and glued it to the bottom.

after glueing everthing to the glass and making sure there are no gaps between glass and foam you can put the sand in the terrarium.

I created mini caves that are slighty dark and out of sight .. the rocks are created as stairs to the stone planes...

Enjoy !

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