Introduction: Terror Dog GhostBusters

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GhostBusters. A classic. Everyone has at least HEARD of GhostBusters, but few of these people have actually SEEN GhostBusters! It's probably not at all what most of you who haven't seen it are thinking.

I watched GhostBusters for the first time last weekend. The real (and only) reason I watched it was because it has the cutest and most chubby man alive in it: Rick Moranis.

Rick Moranis plays Louis Tully. Louis Tully gets possessed by a terror dog by the name of "Vinz Clortho". Therefor I had to make Vinz Clortho (in terror dog form).

Step 1: Inspiration

For the most part, I've told you my inspiration.

I just wanted to share this hilarious "terror dog shaming" photo I found on the Internet. (Vinz is the dog that "helped")

Bonus picture of (possessed) Louis Tully smelling a jar of popcorn

Step 2: Stuffs

You will need tons of different things, as this being my biggest project on Instructables in a while.

-TONS of Tinfoil
-A lot of hot glue
-Various paint colors
-Shiny red stickers
-Some sort of finish or primer*

*yes I'm aware finish and primer are basically antonyms, but either will work

Step 3: Head

This is very detailed so I'm not going to explain all of it.

Basically, you are just shaping the tinfoil with your fingers like clay to achieve a certain shape.

Step 4: Body Builders

Again, just take long sheets of tinfoil and shape it like clay. Make sure the body is plumper in the shoulder and chest area.

Step 5: Connections

Hot glue the head onto the body.

Then, cut a dull wave-like pattern from another sheet of tinfoil and hot glue it down your terror dog's back to form the spikes.

Step 6: Limbs Are Fun

Use the same methods you've been using, because explaining all of it would make you want to jump out of a window.

Step 7: Prime (or Finish) Ribs

Paint your primer or finish everywhere along your Terror Dog. Make sure to leave no cracks unpainted.

Step 8: Painting It Colors

For the main color, paint your terror dog either tan or grey.

For the horns, paint them eggshell or yellow.

Step 9: Fine Details

Paint the...

-inside of the mouth red

-spot where the eyes will be red

-horns black then rub the black off to create an aged effect

-spot around where the eyes are black


-black inside of the nostrils

Now just hot glue your two shiny red stickers for the eyes.



I hope you liked my Instructable because I worked all day on it (I seriously have no life)

Expect more Rick Moranis related Instructables!

I'm trying to find Rick Moranis's PO box (Does anyone know it?)

Liked this Instructable? Liked any others? Tell me what you'd like to see more of!


*But not random comments, make sure they have to do with the Instructable or something related

Thanks for reading!

~Seymour Krelborn