Tesla 2014 P85 Console Handle Repair

Introduction: Tesla 2014 P85 Console Handle Repair

dealer said that they couldn't replace this silver handle - instead would replace the entire console.

well, that's dumb.

Step 1: First Thing - Carefully Separate the Old Handle From the Sliding Cover

and then rip off the plastic underneath. you can replace this with longer screws if you want to keep the latch - but i don't see a reason.

the original fastener is shown. it does not have a screw head - instead it appears to be pushed in like a rivet. i don't think you can remove the original fastener.

Step 2: Use a 3mm Bottoming Tap to Retap the Holes

Telsa used some kind of cheap sheet metal screw. When I took this apart there was enough handle left to tap it out.

use a bottoming tap, i did not have to redrill the hole - just ran the tap in. clear the threads every few turns.

Step 3: 3mm X 12mm

i added some 3mm washers to these 12mm (length) screws and threaded it back on. turn three turns to the right until it breaks and back off a bit (kidding).

the other alternative is to get a hardwood pen blank that matches your interior, shape as desired, and use some #4 sheet metal screws (x .75 inches perhaps). pre-drill the hardwood, use a #4 washer to go with it.

woodcraft sells individuals.


Step 4:

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