Introduction: Tesla Coil

I have read many Tesla coil related web pages. but very confused. witch one I should make. also I have no extra budget for this types experiment. I use scrap from my junk box.

Step 1: Decide What Type Tesla Coil You Should Build

I decided to make my first coil is slayer exciters Tesla coil. for its simply city. and no worry about tuning and math calculation. and cheap use only junk parts.

Step 2: Getting Parts

1-one pvc pipe 6"long"dial
2-copper wire for secondary
30swg to 38swg any one approx 30gram.
3- one transistor 2n2222a(many numbers of transistor work with different results).
4- one 22k resistance
5- led 5mm green or white best
6- 9v battery or power supply
7- three feet long some thick wire for primary

Step 3: Making Secondary

600 turn 34swg wire wound on PVC pipe without overlapping . secure the opposite corners of wire using cello tape. it may consume 1 hour to wind secondary. I have no shortcut for this.

Step 4: Primary

for making primary I use some thin wires in parallel to make a single thick wire. i use a empty medicine can to making bobbin . diameter is double from PVC pipe. it protect from arc spark in primary and secondary. I wound 10 turn.

Step 5: Making

connect everything and test run the circuit. use a fluorescent tube for testing it work or not. if not first check all wiring and power supply. led should lit up. it mean circuit oscillate. also try flip the primary connection. video of working coil.

Step 6: Update More Power

I want more power from my coil. but I search many web sites and see slayer exciters circuit not much powerful. they does not produce corona or arc without put some ground wire near top load. I decide make corona motor. for this I see many sstc circuit. they all very bulky I never want use mosfet gate drive ic.

Step 7: Finaly

I increase the supply volt to 110v using 220 to 110 volt converter adapter. then rectified it using bridge rectifier .for filtration I use three 4700mfd 50v capacitor in series. 13007 transistor I use from old cfl light.increase base resistor value 470k. replace led to a 4148 diode.

Step 8: Result

one cm corona and a very nice hissing sound. I did it using only few parts.

Step 9: Corona Motor

for making a corona motor I bend a copper wire. be sure enamel of wire removed. see above photo. and put this wire on top load. switch on power and see the corona magic. wire rotate like a motor and arc come from and of wire. looking a wonderful corona ring. see a short video below link
this short video from my mobile camera.

Step 10: Add Music Interrupt

Letter I add a music interrupt circuit. it is very simple. we need coil oscillation on off using music nods. a simple um66 music ic or a any music chip and a bc547 transistor. and hear plasma sound. a very clear music came out from arc. I never want to use my computer or mobile for music input. the risk of fry them. next I want more power from my tc. my final target is to achieve about 2 feet spark .so I made a new big coil .and start to learn how to drive this coil. I will write this on my another instructables. if you have any question about my tesla coil work , feel free ask in comment section. thanks for read this all.