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Introduction: Tesla Trooper Portable Tesla Coil Gauntlet

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One of my fondest memories I had when playing video games was Red alert 2. From the thrilling soundtrack down to the small details of the characters. I was a bit surprised that I found little to no merchandising of the game characters, considering it was a huge success. Just recently a friend of mine made a Tesla trooper suit. All he had were just images from the internet. Overall it looked awesome.

One thing I think we can improve, was the Tesla coil gauntlet . The one he built was a bit bulky. So I set out to create my own Tesla coil gauntlet

Since references were limited, I decided to create the Tesla coil with just the 3 basic & classic configurations:

1. It has to look heavy and massive.

2. It should have the arc generator and the discs.

3. It should be dirt cheap and made from as much scrap parts as possible.

Step 1: Let's Get Some Scraps

I wanted to make something terribly cheap. So I took out my box of scrap parts and started picking things that would look good.

Here are some of the scraps I gathered for this build:

1. headphones

2. 4 old cds

3, EVA foam (two 12" x 12" foams)

4. Shower hose

5. Cap from a candy jar

6. assorted nuts

7. bits of plastic

8. plastic bottles (2" in diameter)

9. Old parts from cellphones.

10. A busted LED light bulb

What I actually bought were just:

1. 4 pcs of small cheap instant glue.

2. Spray of paint (silver)

3. Acrylic emulsion

The tools:

Scissors, cutter blade and a lot of fond memories playing Red alert 2.

I started by just making a large tube on my arm and added the bits and pieces together. I wanted to use my old ironman arc reactor as the centerpiece of the design. Since I have no reference to go by, I just went crazy and instant glue everything up. Coat the piece with acrylic emulsion 3 times to have a none porous surface, perfect for spray painting.

Step 2: Paint and Get It Dirty

I spray painted everything silver. Made a soviet logo and painted that red. Reached for a black water color and dabbed the nuts and basically just swirled by hands on the piece. made some disgusting blood marks and then put an electrical shock warning sticker then it's done. Oh yeah and I attached the shower hose on the end.

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    7 years ago

    thats really cool. im happy to see people drawing inspiration from games i grew up with instead of all the modern gaming cosplays with fully rendered 3d models and what not. any chance you could get a pic up of your friends full suit, or a link to it somewhere? seems like something id like to see


    Reply 7 years ago

    Here is a picture he sent me. :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I was actually going to use this instructable by (JoeBeau: https://www.instructables.com/id/AA-Battery-Powered...

    for effects purposes, but I do not have a working bug zapper at the time I was making the project. :) Thanks for the comment.