Introduction: Test Any Remote Using Your Phone!!

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Sometimes you may need to buy a new Remote but you cant even check it. Or sometimes your remote just doesn't work,so you may think of changing the old remote. Wait,may be the remote is still good,may be the batteries are dead. So here's a way to Test any Remote just using your phone. Sounds cool,right? Lets get started.

Step 1: Principle

There's an LED at the front side of remote. We all know that through this LED the remote communicates with it's mother device (like TV, FAN, AC etc). But we have never seen this LED glowing. Actually this LED transmits INFRARED light beam that Human eyes cant see. But cameras without IR filter can see this.

We'll take that advantage.

Step 2: Change the Old Batteries.

You may have changed old batteries a few days ago. But still it's better to change them too before testing the remote. So Take out the old batteries and replace them with new batteries.

Step 3: Test Using the Phone

Open The camera of your phone and then face the remote's head to the Camera just like the picture 3.

Step 4: Watch the Remote Through the Phone

After that press any button of the remote facing at phones camera. The IR (infrared) light should be seen on your phone.

If the LED glows then your remote is okay,else IT'S DEAD.

You may watch this video to see the complete process.

Step 5: Why Phones Camera?

You might wonder if this works to all other camera devices. Answer is NO! This only works with Low Quality camera devices. Because High Quality camera devices LENS prohibit IR to go through to capture better picture. That's why my Sony HANDYCAM couldn't see the light but my Phone camera could.

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