Introduction: Test Network and Internet Latency (Windows Only)

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First of all latency is aka. lag. This instructable will teach you how to check your connectivity to the network for windows. You will need the command prompt, aka. CMD, for this instructable.

Disclaimer: I found this on WikiHow and thought I should share this with the Instructables community!

Step 1: The Command Prompt

In this step I will teach you how to get the the command prompt.

Method 1: (Pictures)
1. Press Start
2. Press Run
3. Type in Cmd
4. Press Ok

Method 2:
1. Press Start
2. Press All Programs
3. Press Accessories
4. Select Command Prompt

Start > (All) Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

Method 3: Vista / 7
1. Press Start
2. Type Cmd
4. Enter

Step 2: Testing

This will test your network card, not your router, modem, or Internet connection.

Testing Packet Sending / Receiving:
1. Type ping
2. Enter
3. See 2nd picture

Testing Latency:
1. Type ping -t
2. Wait a min or two
3. Press Ctrl + C
4. See 3rd picture
5. See 4th picture

You may also ping public domains. ie. Just type in ping -t

Step 3: Finished

After you have completed this, you know a little bit more about your computer then before! If your connection is a little slow, then you might want to consider upgrading your network card / Ethernet cords / routor / etc.