Introduction: Test Tv Leds With Multimeter

Hey guys, not sure if there's a try with testing leds of tv without a led power supply machine buts here's one lol

Step 1: Getting a Multimeter, and Settings

I would just get a cheap multimeter but durable, the prongs doesn't really matter but I use these

Step 2: Take Out the Led Strips From Tv

I just took out the right side for now to try and it worked so if you want to try with one that would be great.

Step 3: Remove Led Caps

here's an led cap, I just popped it up with tweezers on each edge.

Step 4: Test the Leds

just put the probe on the edge of the led negative to negative then positive to positive, then it will light up. when done you could tape the caps or use some double adhesive tape

Step 5: Sharpie Time/pen Time

whichever led that doesn't light up or beeps, you could mark it with a sharpie/pen so you could replace the led