Introduction: Testing a New Room Layout

Today I gave a completely new face to my room just by re-arranging the furniture! To do that without much effort, I used a really neat technique that I though would be worth sharing here with all of you!

It all started as the usual cleaning of my room, but I soon understood that it was an opportunity to completely remake it! Since my brother left, I kept thinking that there was no need for a bunk bed: getting rid of it would make the room feel a lot wider. That worked nicely, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to try new layouts to make more space in the center, but I really did not want to move things just to discover they would not fit (I would have to move a wardrobe!).

The solution to this problem is the subject of this instructable :)


- Colored paper

- Scissors or scalpel blade

- Compass

- Ruler and measuring tape

- Pencil

- Calculator

Step 1: Taking Measures of the Room

The first thing I did was taking a few measures of my room. I also measured all the pieces of furniture and the doors' positions and widths. You can always come back and take more measures, and in case you miss some, you will surely notice xD

Step 2: Scaling Everything

Once the measures were taken, I had to scale everything down to make it fit in a sheet of paper. I used a yellow sheet that I had laying around, whose shorter side was about 26cm long. The short side of my room measures 343cm, so by dividing 343 by 26 we get about 13. I rounded up this number to 15, in order to make the drawing smaller than the sheet of paper. Then I just started to draw the entire room line by line, simply dividing every number by 15! I also decided to draw the doors and the space they would take when they opened, as you can see in the pictures. That way, I would know when something would block a door from opening. As you will see in the end, though, that didn't stop me from making the final decision xD

I then drew, cut and listed all the pieces of furniture that I had to rearrange around the room with different colors. I also rounded a few of the angles and drew some details (like my notebook on the desk or the chair). That way I could easily understand which side would be the "usable" one (for example, my desk has drawers on the right, so I can only sit on the left) .

Side note: my wardrobe could actually be divided into three smaller pieces (at the expense of the overall stiffness), so that's why I cut the blue piece into three :)

Step 3: Testing Layouts

Now the fun part begins! I came up with a few different layouts and took pictures of them.

Step 4: Moving the Furniture (only Once!)

It was now time to move the furniture! Luckly, having tested on paper the layouts, I was already convinced about one of them in particular, so I had to move the wardrobe only once (that was heavy :S).

I then started to decorate my room with a few puzzles and some other smaller projects that I was eager to hang on the wall and the ceiling ;)

The final result can be seen in the last picture.

Thank you for the attention! I hope you found this instructable useful! <3

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