Tetraeder Puzzles



Introduction: Tetraeder Puzzles

I created two tetraeder based puzzles one with spheres the other one with shapes based as well on tetraeders. This puzzles are designed to be printed with a 3D printer.

Step 1: 3D Parts for the Sphere Shape Tetraeder Puzzle

Here are all the parts for the sphere based puzzle. Each part is needed one time and the base plate helps to stack the pieces easily.

Note that when you print it the spheres may required supports to be printed since the overhang is quite large (circle

Step 2: 3D Parts for the Tetraeder Base Shape Puzzle

Here are all the parts for the tetraeder based puzzle. Each part is
needed one time.

Note: Orienting the parts in your 3D printer software is highly recommended. You should translate and rotate the models so the least amount of supports (if any at all) is required to give a an easy and good looking print. To help you with the rotating and translating here some tetraeder related meassurements

Angle between faces: 70.52877937°

Angle between edges: 60°

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