Introduction: Video Game Tetris Animation

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I'm here to Create another instructable: Tetris. 

Step 1: Materials That You Will Need

To create a Tetris animation, 
I thought the easiest Way To create a Animation of Tetris is;
Strips of Foam board (Different colors about 7 different kinds of Color)
Cardboard Cutter 
Paper Styrofoam Board.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Bases of the Parts

There are 7 pieces of the tetris 
So I Used Paper Styrofoam To create the base for the shapes of the Parts.
Used the Cardboard knife to make the Base and use it for the styrofoam

Step 3: Creating the Shapes From the Base Onto the Foam

With the Bases completed for all 7,
Taken each base and made a couple of the Shapes,
for each base i made about maybe 20 each.

Step 4: The Scene

For the scene i created a Large Bottom part of a iPod
Using Foam board to create it.
Then i Was able to allow the Shapes to stay in within the area of the iPod is 

Step 5: Capturing the Motion of the Game Itself.

Within seeing this, one piece falls down to the bottom one at a time. 
i did the exact same way as the Standard of the game plays: One at a Time.
Here is The Video

Step 6: The Show

Here is the Preview of My Animation.

(One mistake, was when all shapes form a line the get cutted out But I forgot to do that or it would cause the Movie to be restarted all over again)

Step 7: How I Did It

here is a Timelapse With Me Showing you how I Created my Video

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