Introduction: Tetris on Excel

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I just stumble on this from the internet and who would have thought that you could play games in excel. One particular game I was able to play with is the phenomenal Tetris game!

The excel doc can be downloaded here and with some steps to follow you're all ready for the game.

Just a right way to pass your time against all those truck load of office works. Hope the boss don't get us caught.

So after downloading the excel file, here are the steps to follow to set-up the game.

Step 1: Enable Macros

Open the excel file then enable the macros following steps:

1. Click the 'Developer' toolbar.

2. Select 'Macros'.

3. Click 'run' on the resulting menu bar.

Now the game already activated.

Step 2: Controls

The controls are based on keyboards and already set-up. just have to memorize it.

Step 3: Scoring

Scores are based on lines completed.

Step 4: All Done!

Whenever game is over, a message box will prompt. Just click 'ok' and reset the game.

Other games can be played on excel. There's so many developers generous enough to have it free to download.

Thanks and enjoy the game!

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