Introduction: Tetris Paint Wall

Instructable how to paint your walls with tetris shape.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. A plan of your walls and tetris shape
(I did it on AUTOCAD software and choose my colors with photoshop)
2. Sacrificial cloth for painting
3. A lot of scotch tape ( I used 2 of them for 3 walls)
4. You paint ( I used one gallon of background color, two differents small cans for the pieces)
5. Measure tape
6. X-Acto
7. Ruler
8. A pencil
9. One or more hand roller (I used two of them)
10. One or more paintbrush for the door, the windows, etc.
11. A opener for the paint tank
12. A hammer to close the paint can
13. A level for the line
14. A square trinagle for the shapes
15. Yourself and preferably, a friend or two.
17. Wet colth to correct your mistake on the floor

Step 2: First Color

My wall: 8 feet tall
My center: 4feet from the floor
I painted 36 inches larger and a little more (so 18inches each sides of the center)
I run out of paint with the 3rd wall, so I remove some pieces from my AutoCAD plan

Do it once
Do it twice


Step 3: Horizontal Lines

-Use the LEVEL to make sur your first line is truly straight
-Tape horizontal lines each 6 inches (my scotch tape measure 11/16 inche)
So it's 11/16" + 6" + 11/16" + 6" and so on.

-I taped the side of my level because it leave mark on the wall

Step 4: Making the Shape

Be sure you use a PLAN

All my dimensions from AutoCAD are exactly does of my rooms
I don't put any shapes under my window, because this wall has not the exact measure for my 6 inches piece of tetris.

Tape verticaly and cut with the X-Acto to make your pieces
Use the measure tape or the ruler for your measure
You may use the square triangle to help you but was really realy bad for my pieces, I don't recommand it.

Step 5: Second Color

Paint inside your tetris shapes with the second color

Do it once,
Do it twice

If you have any holes in your tetris system, don't paint them.

Step 6: Paint the Third Color

Now the time to paint everythings else

Do it once,
Do it twice

Be sure to keep the tape on the wall until the END. Let it dry !

Watch out to not paint your pieces with your third color.

Step 7: Untape !!

Be sure the paint is dry

Now the cool part, untape all and see your tetris pieces

With all the tape, do a KATAMARI as big as possible
Mine does 8 and a half inches of diameter

Step 8: Bloopers

It's about time!

First color: 15 minutes (3 walls - one man)
Second Color: 30 minutes (3 walls - one man)
Third color: 3 hours (4 walls - one man)
Tape all: 4 hours (3walls - one man and one women)
Untape all: 15 minutes (3 walls - one man)
Drying time: no comments
TOTAL: 8 hours more or less

DO and DO NOT part:

DO NOT tape yourself
DO use of tribal face paint to scare your roomies
DO NOT start painting the floor
DO NOT paint the ceiling, the door, the windows, the floor, and HARGG!! too late.
DO NOT scream or cry when it's complicate
DO have fresh air, an open windows or anything like that
DO have some LIGHT, my livingroom don't have any, D'oh!
DO cover evverything because washing is enraging
DO NOT let your friend abandon you for a film festival, you don't want to do it alone.
DO keep your TV, STEREO and COMPUTER in another room, you can't use it the room, my bad, again...
DO try your hard to correct your english instructables when you don't speak english.
DO comment this instructable with positif comment and help me to recover, thanks