Introduction: Thankffles- Thanksgiving Leftover Waffles

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With so many leftovers after our Thanksgiving feast, I decided to get a little creative. Why not put all the parts and pieces into a waffle iron and top with gravy? The results were amazing, beautiful and the perfect way to entice the family to eat more of the same meal they have been consuming for a few days now.

Step 1: Collect Your Leftovers

I used:

  • Stuffing
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Squash
  • Turkey
  • Gravy
  • In addition, I had Gravy and Cranberry sauce to add to the top like syrup and butter

Feel free to mix it up with other yummy items, like green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, sausage... I could go on. Be creative!

Step 2: Add in Your Binders and Pulse in a Food Processor

I Used:

  • Eggs
  • Milk

Put all the ingredients, sans the binders, into a food processor and pulse a few times. I put a scoop of the gravy in the mix and then set the rest aside to top the waffles like gravy.

Add in the eggs and milk a little at a time until the mixture is moist but not wet. Leave it chunky, try to pulse lightly so it doesn't turn to mush. I liked the fact that after I had chunks of some of the stuffing that were identifiable after I mixed it up. I made 4 Belgian waffles with 2 eggs and a few tablespoons of milk. After I moved all the ingredients to a bowl and tossed in another cup of stuffing and combined it all by hand.

Step 3: Cook Your Mixture in a Waffle Iron

I used a healthy handful of the mix for each but you may want to play with it some. I used it on medium high heat. My Waring Belgian Waffle Iron was set at 5.5

Step 4: Remove and Garnish

Use a fork to remove the waffle from the griddle. Plate the dish and pour warm gravy on top. I included a scoop of cranberry sauce to give that sweet and savory combo I love.

Step 5: Enjoy!!

YUM! Being Thankffle is delicious. <3

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