That Origami Paper Glasses Case Doe




Introduction: That Origami Paper Glasses Case Doe

The traditional three R`s are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and now the new trend which is upcycling! Reduce is the reduction of using too many materials that will result in waste like for example buying products with less packaging. Reuse is to well reuse what you already have such as refilling a water bottle instead of getting a new one! Recycle means taking trash and converting it into a previous form(such converting water bottles into plastic that can be used to produce something else) that can be used again. Cities usually collect bottles and cans to transform it into other products such as furniture. Upcycling is the new process in which you take different items you might not use anymore and put it into a new use instead of getting rid of it. An example would be taking a old water bottle and making it into a water can! Upcycling and recycling might sound alike but recycling is turning the item into its original form( water bottles into plastic), while upcycling takes one or more items together to make it into a different item.


To be able to make this fabulous glasses case all you need are high quality sheets of paper most preferably useless Math tests that you know you failed with that B+ ;-; I know i cri evrytiem.

Step 1: Materials

Materials include 2 sheets of regular size paper, a pencil, a ruler, and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Hold Paper Hot Dog Style

Step 3: Open It Up and Fold Both Sides to the Center Line

Step 4: Open Up the Flaps So It Will Look Like This

Step 5: Flip the Paper Over

Step 6: Bring Bottom Corner Up to the Third Crease. Flatten.

Step 7: Fold Corner Under.

Step 8: Fold Up and Tuck Under.

Step 9: Fold Bottom Up and Tuck Under.

Step 10: Flip the Paper Around and Repeat Steps 6-9

Step 11: Pull Sides Out. Now You Have Completed the Top :D

Step 12: Take Your Second Sheet of Paper and Measure 1 Centimeter

Step 13: Mark It With Your Pencil and Cut Off the Extra Centimeter

Step 14: Repeat Steps 2-11

Step 15: Now You Can Put Your Pair of Glasses on the Base

Step 16: Put Top on Top and Tada Your Complete

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