Introduction: The 1$ Lamp

A Lamp made with only one dollar spent! Learn how to make this light box here!

Step 1: 1. Collect Materials

1. In making my one dollar lamp, I found many site specific materials. Below is my list but many materials could be substituted, such as the bamboo sticks for dowels.

1.A magazine- I chose a magazine that included a spread of wildfires which allowed me to use those bright colors. It may be beneficial to choose your magazine clippings wisely.

2. Black plastic packaging ribbon

3. Lots and lots of wooden tea stirs

4. Bamboo Sticks

5.Chord with socket and plug

6. And most importantly, the lightbulb!

To construct the lamp, small nails can be useful for structure and aesthetic but the lamp is constructed almost entirely with hot glue.

Step 2: 2. Weave!

First, take the ribbon and the sticks and begin to weave them to form a patters. The pattern can be entirely up to you as long as you are able to have four sides.

I had horizontal black lines about an inch apart with interwoven parallel diagonal lines crossing through. Behind, horizontal wooden strips in between each black ribbon with diagonals opposite to those which were black. To make the lamp more dynamic, you can alternate the lines directions to make the lines meet from opposite diagonals at the corners. Behind the weave, I strategically placed magazine pages so that one side was simple writing and the other a picture with a gradient.

Step 3: Lightbulb Holder

Depending on what lightbulb you find or have you must build a structure to old it up inside the light box. Out of tea stirs, start with a square structure then add posts from each corner. Posts should be long enough to hold the lightbulb above the ground but not touch bulb itself.

Next, on three sides add a series of three horizontal ladders. The ladders will support sticks which will support the light bulb. For the sticks, cut two tea stirs in half for a total of four sticks. These will stay removable so the lightbulb is not stuck inside the structure. To keep the lightbulb in place two sticks can be inserted on the lowest latter on the flat side to hold up the socket. Another two sticks can be inserted between the second and third ladders on its side to secure the socket in place. Now the lightbulb should stand and be secured!

Step 4: Finalize Sides

So now you have the woven side but before hot gluing it to the bamboo, you will want to give it a finalized look you can achieve this by making some edging with the ribbon and tea stirs as shown and hot glue to the edges. I nailed the bottom trim for aesthetic purposes. A Corner edge for the tops ads a nice finished touch!

Once all sides are glued you can easily hot glue the sides to be bamboo. Just make sure all sides are correct!

You are almost there!

Step 5: The Top

I collaged the top grid with bright colors, and this time, only one layer so the light can shine through! Then I fit it to the top and inserted it through the bottom of the box and hot glued. I then added more sticks to the top to finalize the edges!

Step 6: Put It Together!

Now set up the socket's structure and place the light box on top. And tadaa!! Enjoy your new lamp!