The 10min IPhone (or Smart Phone) Tripod Mount for 3.5 Cents

Introduction: The 10min IPhone (or Smart Phone) Tripod Mount for 3.5 Cents

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Seeing all the shaky video online rom iPhones and smart phones is getting to me. Although I encourage people to make videos with what they have sometimes a little trick can go a LONG way in improving the quality of the shot. 

This ible will show you how to make a iPhone or Smart phone tripod mount in 10 min using basic tools in your shop. With this you can attach the phone to a tripod. Also i find attaching it to a mini tripod gives you a handle that you can do way better hand held shots that are exponentially more stable and watchable.

Here is the video of the build:

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this you will need 

  1. Handsaw i prefer the fancy dancy Japanese saws as they cut really nice in PVC
  2. Miter box
  3. Drill
  4. 13/64 drill bit
  5. 1/4-20 tap
  6. coarse file
  7. Utility knife
  8. Marker
  9. Carpenters square
  10. Vice or clamp to hold the PVC when cutting the slot for the phone
  11. Really messy bench top (not needed but good for a ible 'Cool factor'
  1. 3/4 inch PVC preferably thick walled (either plumbing or electrical (the cream color or grey color) PVC will do)
  2. Mini tripod (you can get these at WallMart or discount store for a couple dollars

Step 2: Miter Box Time

First 2 cuts
  • Using the miter box cut one end of the PVC at 30 degrees
  • Next estimate 3-4 inches (This high accuracy measurement has a very technical term' SWAG' to it (Scientific Wild Ass Guess))  and cut the other end of the PVC with an apposing 30 degree cut 

Step 3: Drill the Tripod Mount Hole

The tripod mounting hole magic...
  • On the short side SWAG the center of the tube at the short end of the longitudinal 30 degree cut... Confused by the big technical terms? Then check out the pictures
  • Drill a 13/64 Hole
  • Then tap it 1/4-20

Clamp the PVC down when doing this but the PVC is soft enough you should be able to hand hold it like I have. 

Step 4: Second Two Cuts

Second 2 cuts
  • Using the carpenters square rest the PVC in the crotch between the black plastic and the metal ruler this will allow a square line to be drawn along the length of the PVC and mark the longest edge
  • Measure the width of the phone and subtract a 1/16" from that number
  • mark two more lines on either side of the first line drawn using the first line as the center
  • Put the PVC in a vice and snug it up but dont crank down on it. We want it just tight enough to hold the PVC while cutting it and no more
  • Cut along the two outside lines

Step 5: Attach to the Tripod and Deburrrrrr

Attach the PVC now to the tripod and using the tripod as a handle deburrrrr rrrr rrr rr  all the edges
Then after the deburrrrrr ing do a final clean up with the course file

Step 6: Mount the Camera and Use That Bad Boy for Steady Shots

Place your phone in the holder and take some shots. This is a tight fit FYI and if you have any plastidip <- (click the link if you don't know what plastidip is)coat the clamp areas that touch your phone with it (and let it dry for 4 hours) this will give it a rubbery grip.

Here is the video we did for this build if you want to see one built

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    6 years ago

    Brilliantly simple and even looks good. I would use a 1/4-20 nut though. I swap cameras frequently on my full-size tripod and would prefer the durability of the metal nut.


    8 years ago

    10 minutes? NOT including sawing or any non-perfect tool use. Cost me trip to store for nearly zero availability for the grey PVC, but TOTALLY worth it's weight (& then some), in gold. I've needed a holder for weeks, thanks so much!! Uber easy for 1st timer!

    14, 7:43 PM.jpg