Introduction: The 20 $ CNC: a Plotter

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We 've already talked about this...A CNC cheaper than a cheap hand-drill!

It's all about having fun, and learning stuff....on your desktop. On 20 bucks!

I made an istructable last week about the whole project, where you can find a list of materials along with a video of the make.

Here it is!

This time we 'll get it running. Mount the drive belts, pulleys and motors, make some software adjustments( currents that run through the arduino shield to each motor, steps per mm of actual distance covered for each axis, feedrates at a number that won't grill your tiny little steppers! etc.) . And of course we have to work a way to mount a sharpie on the plate of the Z axis. And give it a spin! Or ten...

You can find all information that you 'll need regarding the software aspect here:

Guys there have done an awesome job working on those things, and they are far more capable of getting you understand how these things work than I am.

Althought, I 'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have in the comments below!

Let's see the vid!

And if you like what you see, feel free to subscribe, either here or on youtube. More coming up..

Thanks for watching!

Helps a lot.

See you next time..

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