Introduction: The 20 $ CNC

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The idea here was to make another CNC machine. One that would be small, portable, cheap but fully functional.

It is made so you can take it home, lay it on your desktop and play with it! Add some home buttons and experiment with the homing cycle, add a spindle and do some test cuts, add a laser head and do some engraving, or just a pen to be a plotter. Write your gcode and see it happen on the microscale! Edit it.. So you can then go on your bigger machine confident, and get some work done... (for a DIY bigger CNC check my instructables, I' ve also made one for cheap!).So the small one may lack in size, but is lots of fun..

You 'll need:

-3 small stepper motors(BYJ48.You can easily find them online for about 1.5$ each)

-Some shafts(8mm), pulleys and belt drives( I salvaged them from some old printers, but even if you have to pay for them,you 're still not gonna exceed the 20 dollars)

-An arduino UNO along with a cnc shield and 3 micro-shieds on top of that that drive each motor(9 $ for all)

-A piece of plywood(16 mm thick 850x250 mm in my case)

-A small piece of copper piping(I already had some in hand,from some air-conditioning repair)

-I salvaged an old floppy drive to get the Z axis driving srew and plate, just I havent placed it yet..

And thats about all...

Let's see the vid!

It's about the design, make and assembly of the machine. I am gonna have another video with the last adjustments and test run soon..

I am thinking of various stuff i could do with this( try running it on mach 3, milling, laser cutting, adjusting homing and so) so feel free to subscribe if you are into it!

Thanks for watching

It helps a lot.

See you next time...

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