Introduction: The “3 Point” Parabola: Increase Shot Efficiency Using Math

Learn the way some of the greatest basketball players perfect their shot using the parabola and quadratic equation.

Step 1: Understanding Why and How the Parabola Is Used in Basketball.

In the game of basketball, it is crucial to be able to execute a throw which creates a parabola that can deliver the ball through a hoop with ease.

shooting at a 90 degree is optimal yet impractical as in order to shoot to this degree one must be directly under the rim.This is where a parabola is used to complete the objective of shooting the ball to acquire points.

Step 2: Analyzing a Free Throw

The closer to the basket, the higher possible parabola arc, which is why the preferable angle shot degree is between 45-55 degrees. We can see that at 15 feet from the basket that the player is able to achieve a 13-foot vertex by shooting at a 55-degree angle.

Step 3: The Equation

a = slope/angle shot b = Court position c = Height/release point

Professional basketball players such as Stephen Curry maintain such a consistent shot parabola by knowing the factors in this quadratic equation. After years of repetition Curry is able to tweak these variables depending on his position on the court. His release points remain constant as he always initiates the shot in the same manner regardless of his situation while adjusting his “a” and “b” depending on his distance from the hoop.

Step 4: Conclusion

By following this equation and practicing almost anyone can perfect their shot abilities because to excel at any sport such as basketball, one must be able to closely interwork mathematical concepts into their craft.