Introduction: The 3DPrinted "Furry Vase"

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The 3D Printed "Furry Vase" is based on the "Drooloop" idea by Mark Peeters, check out his flowers on Thingiverse.

Check the video for a intro on this project.

The 3d model consists of alot of "pins" sticking out from the sides of the 3d model. These pins are one layer thick and two layers wide meaning that for every "pin" the 3dprinter will move away from the vase, print "in air" and return to the model, leaving a loop of extruded plastic. Depending on filament type, settings etc. this will create a fuzzy structure outside the vase.

Step 1:

First download one of the two 3d models. As you can´t scale the model too much (because it will affect the size of the "pins") there are two sizes. Links below:

Furry Vase 190mm in Z

Furry Vase 150mm in Z

Files are also available at:




Step 2: Slice and Dice, 3D Printing

When you have downloaded the file you want to print, open it in you favourite slicer. (I used Simplify3D).

Slice it for 0,2mm layer height. You can also slow down the speed a little and if needed and some to the extrusion multiplier.

If needed you can probably scale the model 4-8% if needed, check the print preview before printing.

While i found PLA to give the best result for me, don´t be afraid to experiment with different materials to achieve different fun results.

Step 3: Finishing Up, Adding Some Flowers or Even a Light

Add some suitable 3D Printed flowers or why not add a "uplight" to create a nice nightlight.

This is a fun 3D Printing experiment that doesn´t look like what you might usually have your flowers in on the dinner table. If not else it can be a cool 3D printing project to show off to your friends.

If you print your own, don´t forget to post a picture on your favourite social media plattform and use the hashtag #furryvase

For more 3D Printing projects visit my page on Thingiverse or check out my YouTube channel.

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