Introduction: The $4.20 Windchime

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Hey All,

First, I would like to thank Make magazine (issue no. 21) for the idea of this wind chime...

The wind chime cost a total of $4.20 to make.

(not including the the swivel or fishing line)

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Step 1: Items You Will Need to Make the $4.20 Windchime

The items you will need will be:

  • 16 quarters

  • 2 dimes

  • Monofilament line (fishing line)

  • Fishing Swivel

  • 100 Car-coal train to flatten your coins.

Some patience...(but well worth it)

I used a small grinder with a buffing wheel
and a dremel tool, with cutting attachment.
You will also need a blow torch and some
flux and solder

Step 2: The Flattened Coins and How to Flatten Them!

Now, you have to go find some railroad tracks
and place your quarters and dimes on the track.

Here is where the patience comes in...

Hopefully, come back the next day and retrieve
your flattened quarters and dimes.

No two are alike.
You will have big ones and small ones...

I decided to add a little flare and added
a brass key...

The flattened coins will be dirty, so you will want to
buff and clean them up. (next step)

Step 3: Drilling the Holes and Cleaning Up the Flattened Coins.

Now, to polish and drill tiny
holes in the flattened coins.

Any small drill bit will work.
I found that putting the drill bit in
the Dremel, makes it, a lot easier.

I used a little elbow grease and my buffer
to clean up the coins.

Notice that nice copper ring around the flattened coins.

Step 4: Putting the Notches in the Coins

You will have to grind the
notches in the coins.

You could use a hacksaw, but I find the
Dremel does a better job.

I just eyeballed them.
You could use a Sharpie and mark them, if you wish...

Step 5: Soldering All the Coins Together

You have to solder all the coins together...

I found that a vise or vise grips comes in handy
on this step..

I used a blow torch, as my soldering iron took to long to heat up the coins.

After, I soldered everything together.
I drilled all the holes.
3 holes per quarter.
1 hanging hole
(since I was hanging a flattened key, I had to drill a bottom hole for the key.)

Then  I cleaned everything up.
Buffed, and elbow grease.

Warning: Be very careful when working with the blow torch and solder.

Step 6: Tying Up the Fish Line and Finished Chime

Get your fishing line.
Tie up all the flattened quarters to the holes you put in the
hanger quarters.

I used a clinch knot for all the knots.

You will have to put the swivel in between the hanger and chime.

Trim all the extra lines and hang up and enjoy!

The chime makes some very unique sounds!

I hope you enjoyed my instructable!

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