Introduction: The 5 Cs of Survivability

The concept was first portrayed by Dave Canterbury and shows the five items needed to survive for short term.

Step 1: Cutting Tools

Cutting tools such as knives, saws, axes and machetes can be used for collecting fire wood, preparing food, defense, crafting things, and much more

Step 2: Combustion Device

Use to start fires that will keep you warm, cook your food, illuminate your camp, and keep predators away. Examples include lighters, fire steels, primitive fire techniques, and some unorthodox methods.

Step 3: Cordage

Used to lash things, construct shelters, capture food, and hold things together. Examples are paracord, bankline, wires, and vines.

Step 4: Cover

Used to keep the outside elements off of you, examples include tarps, tents, cars, and natural shelters, but the most important are your clothes.

Step 5: Carrying Device

This helps you carry things from one place to another, keep it cool, cook it in, or just keep it in one place. These are things like baskets, bags, bottles.