The Quick Guide to Making a Video With Your IPhone and Uploading It to Facebook or YouTube

Introduction: The Quick Guide to Making a Video With Your IPhone and Uploading It to Facebook or YouTube

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Use this simple 5 step process (Instructables makes it look like more steps than it actually is) to create and upload your first YouTube or Facebook video - using just your iPhone.

Step 1: The Gear

You really only need a current iPhone to make and upload a video, but if you want to add professionalism, add something to stabilize your camera, and add a better microphone.

Step 2: Decide What to Talk About.

Content is important - follow the guidance from this video to decide what to say.

Step 3: Look Your Best.

Look your best checklist:


  • Lighting
  • Background Noise / Acoustics
  • Distance from subject


  • Camera stability
  • Camera height
  • Camera rotation
  • Rule of 3rds
  • Sound recording


  • Eyeline
  • Superman pose
  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Talk
  • Stop

Step 4: Record Your Video

Recording your video on your iPhone is easy - just follow the simple steps in this video.

Step 5: Trim Your Video

In this lesson, I show you the most simple editing - trimming the beginning and end of the video.

Step 6: Choose YouTube or Facebook

There are many places to upload your video - in this lesson, I cover the two most common places: Facebook and YouTube.

Step 7: Upload to Facebook

Watch the video to learn how to upload to Facebook.

Step 8: Upload to YouTube

Watch this video to upload to YouTube.

Step 9: Wrap Up

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    4 years ago

    on the fence of procrastination about making a mixed media, online class...thanks for simplifying it for me....


    Reply 3 years ago

    Glad I could help! Best of luck to you.