Introduction: The ATP-18 Kne'x Pistol

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This is the A.T.P.-18 (Arcyon Turreted Pistol) knex pistol. I just kind of took KillerK's TR-18 and his pistol and mashed them together. Its pretty powerful, It can put holes in a cardbord box with red rods.
Credit goes to:            KILLERK .
Now for the pro's and con's.
Powerful as heck!!!
Great range 180FT! max (w/Sniper rounds)
18 shots
Trigger never fails

Block trigger
Can break its self
 And that wraps it up.
Now go build it!!

Step 1: Handle

This is the handle
1 What you will be making
2 Another view
3 One end
4 The other end
5 Side view
6 Finished handle

go to the next step.


Step 2: Ram and Trigger

This is the trigger and ram.
1 Finished ram
2 Close up of the end
3 Another picture
4 Yet another picture
5 Close up of the end without tape
6 Top without tape
7 Bottom without tape
8 The whole ram without tape
9 The part of the trigger you push down
10 The part that blocks the ram
11 Connected

Done now go to the next step.

Step 3: The Main Body

Here is the body, if its hard to build from my pictures let me know.

1 What you will be making
2 Top view
3 Close up of the bullet caching mech
4 Bottom of the turret holding part
5 Another top view
6 Yet another top view
7 Side view
8 Close up view of the side
9 Front view
10 Back view
Your done now go to the next step.

Step 4: Turret

This is KillerKs
18 shot turret, so credit goes to him for that.
1 The whole turret, unrolled
2 Close up
3 Side view of one barrel
4 Close up of the part that holds the barrels together
5 Close up of the top of the part that holds the barrels together
6  The bottom of the turret, unrolled
7 Close up of the underside of the part that holds the barrels together
8 Same here
9 Close up of the bottom
10 Front view
11 Grab three large wheels
12 And two small ones
13 Now put them on like this
14 And stick a rod through them
15 And roll it up like this
16 And like this
17 Now put a rubber band on like this
Your done now go to the next step

Step 5: Put It Together

Okay you will be assembling the gun now.
1 Add the trigger
2 Add a blue spacer to the gun
3 Grab a yellow
4 Add it like this
5 Grab a green connector
6 Grab your ram
7 Add the green connetor to the ram
8 Grab a grey connector
9 Grab your ram
10 Add the grey to it like this
11 Grab the body
12 Add it to the body
13 Grab a blue spacer
14 Add it like this
15 Grab a Y connector
16 Add it like this
17 Now grab two grey spacers
18 Add them like so
19 Grab a tan
20 Now add it like this
 This isn't a picture, i just forgot to take a picture. you need to grab a grey spacer, and slide it on to the tan rod. 
21 Grab the turret
22 Add it like this
23 And like this
24 And like this
25 Another view of the turret
26 Yet another view
27 Grab this it can be grey or tan or blue
28 Add it like this
29 Grab the handle
30 Add it like This
31 And like this
32 And this
33 And this
34 And....... oh you get the point

Your done Now go add some RubberBands.


Step 6: Adding the RubberBands

Now Do as I say!

1 Grab a smallish rubbie!
2 Another view
3 add it like so
4 another view
5 same
6 same

Step 7: Done!!!

A Magic The Gathering card I made!