Introduction: The Abominable Snow Beast Prank

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I was really excited to see a snow contest because the area I live in usually gets a lot of snow. As luck would have it though, there have only been about 3 light dustings this year. BOOOOOOO! One day it dusted us with about an inch of snow that was melting FAST so I ask myself, "how can I make the most of this." Then it hit me, you can't really make anything, but you sure as hell can scare the crap out of people! I call this, "The abominable snow beast prank", and it is a great way to have tons of fun in just an inch of snow. In fact I still laugh when I see these pictures.


Ok, ok so the tracks give me away a bit. These pictures were taken after we had fun, and tracked up the place, but I was even harder to spot the first time. I wanted to be able to video tape it but with the sun melting it away I couldn't wait around for a camera man :( In fact I had my children take these pictures for me after the fact.

All you have to do is, grab a halloween mask, paint it white, wrap up in a white sheet, and hide out. 

Have fun with this one, and watch out for "frost-bite!"

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